Ai For Everyone Coursera Week 3 Quiz Answers

Question 1

Because smart speakers can carry out multiple functions (such as tell a joke, play music, etc.) it is an example of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).1 point



Question 2

What are the key steps to a smart speaker function?1 point

Trigger detection -> intent recognition -> speech recognition -> command execution.

Speech recognition → Trigger word detection -> intent recognition -> command execution.

Trigger word detection -> intent recognition -> speech recognition -> command execution.

Trigger word detection -> speech recognition -> intent recognition -> command execution.

Question 3

Consider this system for building a self-driving car:

The component for pedestrian detection is usually built using:1 point

A motion planning algorithm

Supervised learning


Reinforcement learning

Question 4

Suppose you are building a trigger word detection system, and want to hire someone to build a system to map from Inputs A (audio clip) to Outputs B (whether the trigger word was said), using existing AI technology. Out of the list below, which of the following hires would be most suitable for writing this software?1 point

Data engineer

AI Product Manager

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning researcher

Question 5

What is the first step in the AI Transformation Playbook for helping your company become good at AI?1 point

Provide broad AI training

Execute pilot projects to gain momentum

Develop an AI strategy

Build an in-house AI team

Question 6

Of the following options, which is the most important trait of your first pilot project?1 point

Succeed and show traction within 6-10 months

Drive extremely high value for the business

Be executed by an in-house team

None of the above

Question 7

Say you are building a smart speaker, and want to accumulate data for your product through having many users. Which of these represents the “Virtuous circle of AI” for this product?1 point



Question 8

Why is developing an AI strategy NOT the first step in the AI Transformation Playbook?1 point

Without having some practical AI experience and knowing what it feels like to build an AI project, a company usually does not know enough to formulate a sound strategy.

When transforming a company into an AI company, one does not need a strategy, therefore it can’t be the first step.

The strategy should be to use the Virtuous Circle of AI, which comes after building a product.

There is no reason. Developing an AI strategy IS the first step in the AI Transformation Playbook.

Question 9

According to the AI Transformation Playbook, broad AI training needs to be provided not only to engineers, but also to executives/senior business leaders and to leaders of divisions working on AI projects.1 point



Question 10

Which of the following are AI pitfalls to avoid? (Select all that apply)1 point

Expecting AI to solve everything

Expecting AI based projects to work the first time

Expecting traditional planning processes to apply without changes

Pairing engineering talent with business talent to identify feasible and valuable projects.

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