Coursera Machine learning week 2 : Linear Regression Assignment Solutions

Machine learning course Stanford University
Coursera machine learning course Stanford University by Andrew Ng .

✓Course – Machine learning
✓Organisation- Stanford university
✓Platform – Coursera

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In this video we provide Three Solutions –

Coursera machine learning week 2 assignment solution.
1- Linear Regression with multiples variable Quiz Answers
2- Octave/Matlab Tutorial Quiz Answers

Programming Assignment –
Programming Assignment : Linear Regression solutions.

I solve Your some problems like –

programming assignment Linear Regression week 2
How to submit programming assignment on Coursera machine learning
Coursera machine learning week 2 Octave Quiz Answers
Programming assignment Linear Regression Coursera Week 2.

I solve all program –
1.ComputeCost.m – compute cost for one variable – 10/10

  1. Gradientdescent.m – gradient descent for one variable – 40/40
  2. Warmupexercise.m – warm up exercise – 50/50

Total – 100/100

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