Nptel computer Science courses list

Nptel 2021 Courses List
Problem solving through Programming In C

Programming in C++

Programming in Java

Data Base Management System

Deep Learning – IITKGP

Data Mining

Compiler Design

Embedded Systems Design

Embedded System Design with ARM

Real Time Operating System

Introduction to Soft Computing

VLSI Physical Design

Software Testing

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems

Introduction to internet of things

Cryptography and Network Security

Introduction to internet of Things

Introduction to Automata, Languages and Computation

Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things

Programming, Data Structures And Algorithms Using Python

Design and analysis of algorithms

Data Science for Engineers

Introduction to Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

AI: Constraint Satisfaction

Privacy and Security in Online Social Media

Foundations to Computer Systems Design

Information Security – 5 – Secure Systems Engineering

Social Networks

The Joy of Computing using Python

Python for Data Science

Discrete Mathematics – IIT Ropar

Deep Learning – IIT Ropar

Discrete Mathematics – IIITB

Computer Organization and Architecture: A Pedagogical Aspect

An Introduction to Programming Through C++

Introduction to Parallel

Programming in OpenMP

Computational Geometry

Computer Architecture

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Foundations of Cryptography

Operating System

Data Analytics with Python

GPU Architectures and Programming

Advanced Computer Architecture

Advanced Graph Theory

Computational Complexity Theory

User-centric Computing for Human-Computer Interaction

Machine Learning, ML

Introduction to Database Systems

Randomized Methods in Complexity

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