Coursera: Machine Learning Programming Assignment Solutions | Matlab | Stanford University Andrew Ng

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Course:- Machine Learning

Organisation:- Stanford University

Instructor:- Andrew Ng ( Co-founder Coursera)

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Total Enrollment:- 3,954,000+

Rating:- 4.9

Certificate:- Earn a Shareable Certificate
Language:- Arabic, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, English, Hindi, Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese

Syllabus:- Coursera Machine Learning Week 1 to Week 11

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In this Video:-
1. Coursera Machine Learning Linear Regression Programming Assignment Assignment Solution

2. Coursera Machine Learning Logistic Regression Programming Assignment Solution

3. Coursera Machine Learning Multi-class Classification and Neural Networks Programming Assignment Solution

4. Coursera Machine Learning Neural Network Learning Programming Assignment Solution

5. Coursera Machine Learning Regularized Linear Regression and Bias/Variance Programming Assignment Solution

6. Coursera Machine Learning Support Vector Machines Programming Assignment Solution

7. Coursera Machine Learning K-Means Clustering and PCA Programming Assignment Solution

8. Coursera Machine Learning Anomaly Detection and Recommender Systems Programming Assignment Solution

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