Coursera Develop and Deploy Windows Applications on Google Cloud Platform Introduction to Google Cloud Quiz Answers

Week 1 Quiz 1 Answers.

Question 1. What is the purpose of projects in Google Cloud Platform?

1. To organize GCP resources for billing and management

2. To organize GCP applications by region and zone

3. To organize GCP network connections for security

4. To organize GCP usernames for resource access

Question 2. Which should be treated as an independent failure domain?

1. A zone Not Sure

2. The entire global Google Cloud

3. A region not sure

4. A continental grouping of regions such as Google Cloud Storage’s US location

correct answer a or c (100%)
100% B & D incorrect

Question 3. Which Google Cloud Platform service is intended for “blob storage” (that is, binary data stored as a single entity)?

1. Google Cloud BigTable

2. Google Cloud Storage

3. Google Cloud Spanner

4. Google Cloud Dataproc

Question 4. Which phrase best describes Google Compute Engine?

1. Database as a Service

2. Infrastructure as a Service

3. Software as a Service

4. Platform as a Service

Question 5. Which Google Cloud Platform service lets you run any Windows application or service?

1. Google App Engine (Standard)

2. Google App Engine (Flexible)

3. Google Compute Engine

4. Google Container Engine

Question 6. Which Google Cloud Platform Service lets you run ASP.NET Core services as first-class (directly managed) entities?

1. Google Cloud Functions

2. Google Compute Engine

3. Google App Engine (Flexible)

4. Google App Engine (Standard)

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