Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Quiz Answers || Prepare Data for Exploration Week 1 Weekly challenge 1 Quiz Answers

Question . 1= A data analyst at a book publisher is working on an urgent report for executives. They are using only historical data. What is the most likely reason for choosing to analyze only historical data?

There is plenty of time to research historical data
The project has a very short time frame
The data is unknown
The data is constantly changing

Question 2. Which of the following are examples of discrete data? Select all that apply.

Movie budget
Movie running time
Box office returns
Number of actors in movie

Question 3. Which of the following questions collects nominal qualitative data?

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your service today?
How many times have you dined at this restaurant?
How many people do you usually dine with?
Is this your first time dining at this restaurant?

Question 4. Why is internal data considered more reliable and easier to collect than external data?

Internal data has much larger sample sizes.
Internal data circumvents privacy restrictions.
Internal data comes from people you know.
Internal data lives within a company’s own systems.

Question 5. Structured data is likely to be found in which of the following formats? Select all that apply.

Audio file
Digital photo

Question 6. A Boolean data type must have a numeric value.


Question 7
In long data, separate columns contain the values and the context for the values, respectively. What does each column contain in wide data?

1 point

A specific constraint
A specific data type
A unique format
A unique data variable

Question 8
Data transformation can change the structure of the data. An example of this is taking data stored in one format and converting it to another.

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