Coursera Google Data Analytics Answers !! Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere Weekly challenge 1 Quiz Answers

Question 1. Data analysis is the various elements that interact with one another in order to provide, manage, store, organize, analyze, and share data.

Question 2. Fill in the blank: Data ecosystems are made up of elements that _____ with each other. This makes it possible for them to produce, manage, store, organize, analyze, and share data.

gain insights

Question 3. Fill in the blank: The primary goal of a data _____ is to create new questions using data.


Question 4. What tactics can a data analyst use to effectively blend gut instinct with facts? Select all that apply.

Use their knowledge of how their company works to better understand a business need.
Apply their unique past experiences to their current work, while keeping in mind the story the data is telling.
Ask how to define success for a project, but rely most heavily on their own personal perspective.
Focus on intuition to choose which data to collect and how to analyze it.

Question 5. Billings Upholstery has defined a problem it needs to solve: Find a more environmentally friendly way to produce its furniture. A data analyst gathers relevant data, analyzes it, and uses it to draw conclusions. The analyst then shares their analysis with subject-matter experts from the manufacturing team, who validate the findings. Finally, a plan is put into action. This scenario describes what process?

Customer service
Data-driven decision-making
Data science
Identification of trends

Question 6. To get the most out of data-driven decision-making, it’s important to include insights from people very familiar with the business problem. Identify what these people are called.

Subject-matter experts

Question 7. A data analyst finishes analyzing data for a marketing project. The results are clear, so they present findings and recommendations to the client. What should they have done before that presentation?

Shared the results with subject-matter experts from the marketing team for their input
Created a model based on the results of the analysis
Surveyed customers about results, conclusions, and recommendations
Archived the datasets in order to keep them secure

Question 8. You read an interesting article in a magazine and want to share it in the discussion forum. What should you do when posting? Select all that apply.

Include your email address for people to send questions or comments.
Check your post for typos or grammatical errors.
Make sure the article is relevant to data analytics.
Take credit for creating the article

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